Don’t throw that bouquet: 4 ways to reuse bouquet

A bouquet is a timeless and beautiful gift for many. It is also quite convenient as it can be given on almost any occasion. It can be presented to express love, happiness, solidarity, sympathy and even grief.

Now while it is a pleasing gift, the recipient tend to value it only for a few days. While it certainly is not an inexpensive gift, it’s value and effect is regarded to be much limited.

This article proves that this is quite an underestimation. This article shows ways to re-use a bouquet:

1) Make a card from the leaves and flowers: Pick the flowers and leaves and press them between the pages in a book to dry them. After two weeks, use the dried leaves and flowers to make the priceless handmade card.


2) Use as manure: Put the petals and leaves in pots of existing plants. They will act as a manure. 

3) Use Dry flowers for Wall Art


4) Use Dry flowers for decoration


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