10 ways to Reduce and Re-use daily waste!

Here are some tips to reduce and reuse daily waste:

1) Don’t throw the vegetable/fruit waste. Put them in a pot with soil. Let them decompose and become manure for your plants.

Source: http://theselfsufficientliving.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/kitchen-compost.jpg

2) Collect used papers in one box/paper bag

woodhey image   74
Source: http://www.woodheysprimaryschool.co.uk/userfiles/image/may2008/woodhey%20image%20%20%2074.jpg

3) Use, print on both sides of the paper

Source: http://pad3.whstatic.com/images/thumb/8/88/UseBothSides-Step-1.jpg/670px-UseBothSides-Step-1.jpg
Source: http://pad3.whstatic.com/images/thumb/8/88/UseBothSides-Step-1.jpg/670px-UseBothSides-Step-1.jpg

4) You can also make a paper bag

paper bag from pamphlet, used paper

5) You can make a note pad by simply stapling several of them.

Notepad from used paper

6) If both sides are used, use them to wrap and dispose waste (like used sanitary napkins, blade etc) or collect them for recycle.

7) Collect the rubber bands typing food packets or from the daily newspaper roll.

8) Don’t throw away empty shampoo bottles, cream boxes, any containers. They can be reused for storing other things. 

reuse containers
Source: http://i.imgur.com/oTzmNxw.jpg

9) Some other doable re-use of the containers:

Pencil/Pen holders from Shampoo bottles

Source: https://pgeveryday-ca.secure.footprint.net/Assets/Modules/Editorial/Article/Images/monstrously-fun-diy-pencil-holders-1-size-3.jpg
Source: https://pgeveryday-ca.secure.footprint.net/Assets/Modules/Editorial/Article/Images/monstrously-fun-diy-pencil-holders-1-size-3.jpg

Grow plants in plastic bottles


Use toilet paper tubes as organisers

toilet paper tube

10) Buy family packs rather than individually-packed items of regular use. Buy refills rather than bottles. This will save both money and will reduce waste. 

Handwash and refill
Source: http://cdn.firstcry.com/brainbees/images/products/box/594316a.jpg

Do you know of any other tips? Share in comments or send them at treeforharmony@gmail.com


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